We care for your health

The “pro-natural health” sector of the group. The human body requires a regular intake of some 60 different dietary components for the proper operation of its physiological functions. Worldwide research has shown that the taking of natural supplements provide essential nutrients our body and immune system need that we are not always getting from our food due to our modern industrialised lifestyles. While our food supply is fairly abundant, much of it is processed, refined, precooked (as in convenience food), frozen, canned, and stored for long periods. Even while it is being grown it is often subjected to pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, we are living in times of great stress and have to contend daily with the pollution of our air, water and natural resources.

100 years ago....

100 YEARS AGO, chemical preservatives, flavourants, sweeteners, softeners, alkalizers, acidifiers, hormones, anti-oxidants, and hydrogenators did not exist.

100 YEARS AGO, heart disease was virtually unheard of, Alzheimer's disease was unknown, cancer only caused 3.4% of all deaths in Europe and the USA and worldwide only 1 in 100 000 people contracted diabetes.

TODAY, there are some 2500 different chemicals allowed in our food ie: preservatives, flavourants, sweeteners, softeners, alkalizers, acidifiers, hormones and dyes, anti-oxidants, and hydrogenators, most of which destroy the nutrients in our bodies that we so desperately need to stay healthy and fight off diseases.

TODAY, two thirds of the population of the USA develop some form of heart disease, Alzheimer's disease is the fourth leading cause of death, one in four people die from cancer and one in every twenty people suffer from diabetes.

Makes you think, doesn't it ?!